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Did teacher Craig Gordon get too close to his female students? His school superintendent, and a lot of other people, said yes. He and his wife said no, just as emphatically.

A popular physical education teacher in suburban Fairfax County, Va., for 21 years, Mr. Gordon was accused by his school district of kissing and fondling students. He claimed he was innocent, and fought the charges. To decide the matter, the district held a hearing.

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The hearing was a bare-knuckled brawl, with both sides pulling out all the stops. Current and former students claimed Gordon had kissed and touched them. Gordon's lawyer, in turn, accused his accusers of hatching a plot against him simply because they disliked him.

In another gripping Monday Night Mystery,, in conjunction with CBS News 48 Hours, tells you the story of Craig Gordon and his accusers. Was he the victim of a witchhunt? Or did he take advantage of his students?

Teacher's Touch: Find out more about this week's gripping 48 Hours.

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produced by Daniel Milikow and David Kohn

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