Teachers decide to "dance bomb" student interviews

(CBS News) High school students playing pranks on their teachers is definitely not uncommon. But we're not interested in the commonplace here at The Feed. We like the extraordinary! We like it when "man bites dog" (not literally, though, of course). Which is precisely what this video of teachers deciding to "dance bomb" their students is. Check it out. Prepare to get your laugh on. 

So there seems to have been a bit of a glitch from 1:14 to 1:31, but other than that, totally hysterical! Of course I may be a bit biased towards this since I'm the son of a school teacher...

The prank was played by history teacher Mike Penney at Abby Kelley Foster High School in Worcester, MA, and goes to show that your teacher may have more to teach than just their subject.  I'd like to offer a triple-rainbow salute of laughter to all of these teachers who deserve an A in pranking!