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Taylor Swift tops Vanity Fair's "Powers That Be" list

Taylor Swift is on a roll.

The "Bad Blood" singer who dominated the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards topped Vanity Fair's "Powers That Be" list -- a list of the 25 most influential artists and executives who affect modern culture.

It was Swift's first time on a list that typically includes power brokers ranging from Beyonce and Jay Z to Rupert Murdoch and Bob Iger.

The magazine cited Swift's pull on Apple Music as one of the main reasons why she is No. 1 out of the world's "Powers That Be."

Apple changes policy after Taylor Swift pens open letter

"Swift isn't merely the world's favorite pop star, putting up sales numbers that are nearly unfathomable in the post-Napster age -- she is also using her platform to make giant companies conform to her will," wrote Vanity Fair. "After pulling her catalogue off Spotify last year, Swift wrote an open letter to Apple asking it to pay artists during the free-trial period of its new music service. She posted the note on Tumblr on a Sunday and the company complied within hours."

Vanity Fair also pointed out that Swift has over 6 billion views on YouTube.

Other celebs on the list this year include LeBron James, Bradley Cooper, Jay Z and Beyonce, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian and Stephen Colbert (who shares his "Powers That Be" slot with other late night hosts).

The companion list, "The Disrupters" -- people who change the way we interact and function in the world -- includes Mark Zuckerberg, Uber's Travis Kalanick and Amy Schumer.

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