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Taylor Swift on Michael J. Fox: "We are good"

There are apparently no hard feelings between Taylor Swift and Michael J. Fox.

The country-pop star took to Twitter Friday to clear things up after the unlikely duo made headlines last week. She wrote: "Hey everybody, Michael J. Fox got in touch with me today and we are good. Thank you for having my back."

It all started during the recent Golden Globe Awards, when co-host Tina Fey jokingly warned Swift to "stay away from Michael J. Fox's son," adding, "She needs some 'me time' to learn about herself."

When New York magazine's Vulture blog caught up with Fox after the awards gala last week and asked if he would approve of a romance between the 23-year-old singer and his son, Sam, also 23, Fox said, "No. No...Just back off."

The 51-year-old actor added, "I don't keep up with it all. But Taylor Swift writes songs about everybody she goes out with, right? What a way to build a career."

When asked if he would recognize Swift, if she showed up to a family dinner, for instance, Fox, said, "I wouldn't even know who she was." But he said he might put it all together if a song about his son surfaced later on. "Yeah, exactly," he said. "'Sam, You Piece of [Expletive].' Oh...that was the girl you brought home!"

Swift has dated the likes of John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal, Taylor Lautner, Joe Jonas, Conor Kennedy and One Direction's Harry Styles. Although she rarely talks about it directly, Swift is known to pen songs about her ex-boyfriends.

Fox will star as a newscaster in an upcoming NBC comedy later this year.

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