Taylor Lautner is on the "run" in new film

Taylor Lautner as Reymund in the drama “Run The Tide” a Momentum Pictures and Orion release.

Momentum Pictures © 2016

It’s been less than five years since “Twilight” fans had to say goodbye to Taylor Lautner as Jacob the werewolf, and following the franchise, Lautner has landed himself in various supporting TV and movie roles. He’s adding to the growing list with his latest lead role in the new film, “Run the Tide.”

In the movie, Lautner plays Reymund, a man who kidnaps his younger brother, Oliver (Nico Christou), after their drug-abusing mother (Constance Zimmer) is released from prison, determined to rebuild the family. The brothers embark on an emotional journey away from their desert home to the California coast. 

“I knew this would be challenging for me because it is an emotional ride for my character, Rey,” Lautner told CBS News. “That is kind of what attracted me to it. It scared me, I didn’t know if I could do it. That made me want to hold my breath and go for it.”


Nico Christou and Taylor Lautner star in the drama “Run The Tide,” a Momentum Pictures and Orion release.

Momentum Pictures

The story draws from the real-life experiences of the film’s screenwriter, Rajiv Shah. Lautner says he was able to connect with the emotions not just from talking with Shah but also through being an older brother himself. 

“I have a sister who is seven years younger than me, and we are extremely close. So right when I first met Nico, we hit it off and got along and became buds,” Lautner said. 

“I became very protective of Nico. I mean, I couldn’t help it. I remember one day we filmed this scene that gets really physical. When we weren’t filming it, though, we could not talk to each other. They literally would call cut and we had to walk away. It was heartbreaking to have gone through that. “

“Run The Tide” in select theaters and On Demand/Digital HD on Dec. 2.