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Tax returns show Chris Christie and his wife made almost $700K in 2013

NEWARK, N.J. -- New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and his wife reported nearly $700,000 in income last year, a significant jump from 2012.

Tax returns released by his office Friday show the Christies made $698,838 in 2013. They paid $193,510 in federal and state taxes. They reported $478,977 in income in 2012.

Christie's wife, Mary Pat, has long been the bigger income-earner in the family.

She works part-time on Wall Street and earned $475,854 for her job as a director at Angelo, Gordon & Co. and $34,698 from Cantor Fitzgerald.

The governor reported $160,054 in taxable income from the state of New Jersey.

The 99 pages of federal and state tax documents were filed with the Internal Revenue Service following a six-month extension.

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