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A little girl loves Target so much — she celebrated her 8th birthday there

8-year-old girl throws birthday at Target
8-year-old girl throws birthday party at Target 01:08

Brayden Lawrence may just be the biggest Target fan in the world. The 8-year-old loves the retail chain so much — she celebrated her birthday there Sunday.

"She's obsessed with Target," Rikki Jackson, Lawrence's aunt, told CBS News. "My sister (her mom), Jessica Smith, goes to Target for everything so her love for it stemmed from that. We always go all out for birthdays in my family and when she said she wanted a Target birthday, we were like, 'OK we have no choice but to make this happen.'" 

Lawrence, and her guests, play with walkie-talkies at the party. Rikki Jackson / Bailey Lawrence

And the family certainly went all out. Lawrence's family gave the birthday girl and 10 of her closest friends "uniforms" to wear and walkie-talkies to play with while in the store near Atlanta, Jackson said in a now-viral Twitter thread. The store's manager even made them special name tags.

The kids drank Icees and snacked on Target-themed cake, as well as cookies decorated with bullseyes — the retailer's logo.

The attendees then went on a scavenger hunt to find items in the store, but had to put everything back after, "since that's what employees do," said Jackson. The family even gave the pint-sized "employees" gift cards to spend on an "item of their choice."

A very special worker was there to check the kids out with their picks — Lawrence herself.

Lawrence "checks out" her friends with a little help from the store manager during her party. Rikki Jackson / Bailey Lawrence

"She had the time of her life," said Jackson. "She hasn't stopped talking about it since! All she kept saying to my sister Jessica yesterday was 'Momma, you did that!'"

While Target doesn't normally host children's parties, Jackson said in a tweet that the store's manager gave the family "special permission" for the bash. The manager's kindness clearly made an impression on Lawrence.

"She had so much fun with the Manager Albert that she does want to go back to help him checkout [sic] more customers," Jackson said.

Lawrence's Target-themed cake is surrounded by snacks shaped like the retailer's logo. Rikki Jackson / Bailey Lawrence
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