Tanaja Stokes, 8-Year-Old Chicago Girl, Gunned Down While Jumping Rope

Tanaja Stokes (CBS/WBBM)

CHICAGO (CBS/WBBM) An 8-year-old girl who was jumping rope with her friends in Chicago's far South Side Tuesday night was killed by two gunmen who rode up on bicycles and opened fire.

Witnesses say two males on bikes shot at a group of children who were playing. Tanaja Stokes was shot in the head and killed. Stokes' cousin, Ariana Jones, 7, was also shot and wounded, but is expected to survive.

CBS affiliate WBBM reports that a shrine of teddy bears is now on the porch outside the home in the Roseland neighborhood where the girls were shot.

"I heard gunshots and I ran outside to see if all the kids was[sic] OK. When I came out, she was laying there," the victim's cousin Justin Wise told WBBM.

About ten minutes earlier, a street fight reportedly broke out not far away. Patricia Clay, a witness, said about 20 teenagers were in the area and three of them began fighting. She called police and said no one responded until the situation escalated about 10 minutes after her call.

The family's home is now riddled with bullet holes.

Police are still investigating whether someone in the home was targeted, or if it was a random shooting.

The family said 8-year-old Tanaja had just finished her homework Tuesday night and was expecting to go to school Wednesday.

"She just got promoted to the third grade and for her to go out this way, it's a sad sight, man. A sad sight," said Wise.