Tamiflu Prices Vary Wildly, Survey Shows

The price of Tamiflu, a drug in short supply used to combat the H1N1 virus, varies drastically throughout the country, according to a survey in USA Today.

The price ranges from $43 to $130, according to the newspaper's phone survey of more than 100 pharmacies in six states. See the results below:

- Pennsylvania: $49-$94
- Louisiana: $43-$110
- Michigan: $49-$94
- Kansas: $49-$99
- Colorado: $65-$120
- California: $55-$130

"We're dealing with a national health epidemic," Bruce Schneider, of Hart Pharmacy in Wichita, Kan.. "If I want to sleep at night, I don't think I should be taking advantage of the situation."

CBSNews.com Special Report: H1N1 Virus

The price at Hart Pharmacy: $49.

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