Talking to the Taliban: Face to face with the enemy

An interview that took months to make happen: A Taliban commander talks with Lara Logan in Afghanistan

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Lara Logan tells Overtime Editor Ann Silvio about her remarkable interview with a Taliban commander, who described how al Qaeda has helped his fighters plan and execute "insider killings" of U.S. troops.

It was a moment that jumped out at us here at Overtime: a Taliban commander gets into the backseat of a car and sits down next to Lara Logan.

He is America's enemy. He is one of the men devising ways to kill U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan. And suddenly, this suicide-bomb specialist is sitting there next to Lara, calmly making chilling claims: That the Taliban are responsible for many of the so-called "insider killings" of U.S. soldiersby turncoat Afghan policemen and soldiers; that al Qaeda fighters are helping the Taliban in Afghanistan, and now they battle side-by-side against U.S. troops.

Sitting down with the enemy can be a reporter's most difficult job. But, as Lara explains to Overtime's Ann Silvio, it's also a reporter's obligation. "How can you understand what you're doing there if you don't know who you're fighting?" she asks.

Viewers, tell us what you think about Lara's interview with the Taliban commander. What do you think might happen in Afghanistan in 2014, when the U.S. is scheduled to withdraw and turn over security of the country to Afghan forces?