Talking Law with the Edwards Family

From CBS News' Aaron Lewis:

KEENE, N.H. -- Tonight, we got a little taste of what a typical dinner conversation might sound like in the Edwards household - at least with John, Elizabeth, and Cate.

When asked a question about Supreme Court decisions, Cate Edwards - a second year student at Harvard Law - stood up at the urging of her mother and dropped her two cents in on the topic.

"I spent the summer, actually, with the Supreme Court," she said in reference to her work with Nina Totenberg at National Public Radio, "and it matters who's on the Supreme Court.

"For the Supreme Court to concentrate on protecting the rights of individuals as opposed to the rights of corporations is extraordinarily important," she continued.

But as Cate wrapped up her thoughts, Elizabeth shot up and snatched the mic to get her say in the matter.

"I got a hug earlier from somebody saying how they're praying for my good health," she said. "Please pay for the good health of Justice Stevens. Because (he's) 87 years old and stands between us and even worse decisions by this Supreme Court."

In the middle of Elizabeth's remarks, Senator Edwards reached for the mic but was quickly rebuffed.

Finally, Elizabeth wrapped up her monologue to a round of applause as Edwards chimed in, "There's a reason I bring her along."

Earlier in the event we were treated to a speech by Granny D, famous for her walk across the country in 1999 to 2000 when she was 90 years old to bring awareness to public campaign financing. Granny D - now 97 - struggled with her breath between words, but spoke with great passion on her support for Edwards.

"Join me in voting for John Edwards," she said. "We can and will and must elect as our next president of the United States John Edwards."