Taliban's Deputy Chief Announces The Launch of "Operation Victory"

The top deputy of Taliban's leader Mullah Mohammed Omar announced the launch of a new military campaign targeting U.S. and Afghan troops, as well as members of the Afghani government in a statement posted on the Internet. Mullah Berader said the new spring offensive is called "Operation Victory" and is expected to start Thursday.

"Operation Victory will include all advanced guerrilla warfare tactics such as suicide attacks, IED attacks, car bombs, assaults, ambushes and would target the bases of foreign forces, their diplomatic missions, and logistics and supply convoys," said Berader, adding that members of the administration, members of parliament, defense and interior ministry staff and members of the Afghan security forces would also be a target.

Berader also launched an appeal to Afghan army personnel to repent and join the ranks of the militants, or at least to refrain from supporting foreign troops against the Taliban. He also warned all local contractors, especially those working in shipping and transport companies, that "they would only have themselves to blame" if they did not freeze their collaboration with U.S. forces.

"The mujahideen will be taking the necessary measures against the businesses of those who continue to provide services to the American occupiers and their allies," he said.