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Taliban Bomb-Making Workshop Shown in New Compilation Video

A new video released by the militant Afghani Taliban included footage of a bomb-making workshop, where men were seen busily preparing the explosives to be used in a suicide attack.

The one-hour video is a compilation tape that shows some of the group's operations carried out in recent months. It is entitled "Field of Jihad" and includes footage of three suicide operations.

As in other similar propaganda video, the group included footages of the explosives in the cars before the attack, the suicide bomber saying his goodbyes and the attack itself. However, in the three attacks the cameraman always missed or left the camera out of frame at the moment of the explosion.

The video also included footage of the militants using two bulldozers to demolish a military outpost, as well as some night shots of a group of militants firing rockets.

The video, which according to the group was produced in December 2008, closed with a group of Taliban fighters just driving around a pick up truck, then resting in an orchard.

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