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Taking the claw crane game to a whole new level

(CBS) - If you've ever played a claw crane game, you know the delicacy and skill it takes to maneuver the claw in just the right position to win a plush doll or toy. Take that same idea and apply it to a Bobcat excavator and you get this video.

The video was posted by YouTube user BobcatNinja2124 (a fitting username) who writes:

Stacking one beer bottle on top of another then placing a golf ball on top of it all using a Bobcat E50 excavator. And yes it really only took one take!

So not only did they actually make this happen, but in theory it only took one take... someone has some mad skills there! And while probably not the best use for an excavator, we do salute your unusual talent, BobcatNinja2124!
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