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Taking Messages For 'Grey's Anatomy' Star

This column was written by's Robb Todd.

T.R. Knight is gay. Not that you care, if you even know who he is.

But I have an anonymous source who knew it a long time ago -- that he was gay, not that you don't care.

And, no, this info wasn't from personal experience. The source knew because the "Grey's Anatomy" actor changed his cell phone number last year. My very own Deep Throat happened to get Knight's old New York digits and has been getting misguided calls for the actor ever since.

The calls have included drunk dials from girls who obviously didn't know about his sexuality, a job offer for a commercial, and calls from people wanting to know the location of award-show after-parties.

Deep Throat wanted to change phone numbers because it was wasting Sprint "anytime minutes." I advised against that because the entertainment value of the calls often rivaled the entertainment value of "Grey's Anatomy."

Then, last month, Deep Throat, received a mysterious text message. "Hey, it's Brian … in New York, Kevin's ex. Will be in L.A, for an art auction next week. Wondering what you're up to."

Brian is Kevin's ex? Art auction? Hmmmm …

When Brian got to L.A., he still seemed eager to hook up with Knight and dropped another line to Deep Throat about the auction's reception downtown. Brian said he "wanted to see how you were." And the voice, Deep Throat assured, was a dead give away.

Despite protests that you can't tell just by someone's lispy voice, or a penchant for buying overpriced paintings, the mystery deepened. Suspicions were voiced. Not because anyone cares, of course -- just for fun, like solving a game of Clue: T.R. with Keith's ex-boyfriend in the dining room with the candlestick!

In the wake of Knight going public about being gay, Deep Throat has been getting congratulatory text messages from his best friends in the world -- people who are so tight with the actor that they don't know he changed his cell number a year ago.

"Rock on, dude. Miss your face. Paul …"

It makes sense that Knight left people like this behind. Who would want to be friends with anyone who says, "Rock on, dude"?

Knight, who plays Dr. George O'Malley on the ABC drama, said, "I hope the fact that I'm gay isn't the most interesting part of me."

He has nothing to worry about. His sexuality isn't the most interesting part of him -- the most interesting parts are the errant phone calls Deep Throat receives. Call any time, dear friends.
By Robb Todd

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