Taking It Off For 'Survivor'

SURVIVOR:THE AMAZON: Christy Smith and Jenna Morasca with Jeff Probst, during the challenge for immunity, "Unchained."
The budding relationship between two Survivor contestants ended prematurely on this soap-operish version of "Survivor: The Amazon" last week when Shawna Mitchell was voted off the island by the Jabaru.

But Alex Bell stays on, although distraught by the situation.

Meanwhile, one Survivor contestant thinks he has the game figured out and it's just a matter of time before he wins. But is he just living in a fantasyland?

The goal of the game is for the competitors to outlast their rivals to be the ultimate Survivor and win $1 million.

The women seem to be focused on the goal at hand, but the men may be losing sight of the goal because of some distractions. Two women will use their assets to their supposed advantage in order to win their favorite food items at a challenge.

Also, one Survivor's smooth talk with the ladies irks Rob Cesternino, who vows to target the suave tribe member.

Plus a mysterious locked box brings sweeping changes to the tribes.

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