Take it to the extreme with "parasledding" and pogos

(CBS News) You've probably heard of paragliding. And I'm sure you know about sledding. But what exactly is "parasledding," you're wondering? Well, I could tell you, but it's a lot more fun if you just watch the video above and see for yourself. Spoiler: it may involve paragliding and sledding.

The total trip of a clip features the creator of this unusual combination, Eric Oddy, demonstrating "parasledding" and was posted by YouTube user luraina77 who writes:

Never been done till now. Paragliding and snowmobile combined = parasledding... BC Canada.

And you probably don't think of the word "extreme" when you think of pogoing. But you would be totally wrong. Just saying. Go ahead and watch some of the top riders from Xpogo take over the streets of New York City with some high-flying stunts in the sweet video below.