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Take Huckabee Off The List?

He may have been something of a long-shot to get on John McCain's ticket for the general election in the first place, but news that former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee has signed a one-year deal with Fox News as a political commentator may mean at least he thinks there's little chance. The Washington Post reports on the deal that will have Huckabee transition to a talking head throughout the rest of the campaign and into the next administration.

During the primary campaign, Huckabee used the free media opportunities wherever he could find them to help boost his little-funded campaign. His communication skills and use of humor in those appearances – and in the televised debates – helped boost him to a win in Iowa and made him the de-facto runner-up to John McCain in states and delegates won during the primaries. Such an achievement usually results in a candidate being given a long look as a potential running mate but Huckabee appears to have different thoughts about that.

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