Take a ride on 12-foot-tall Slip 'N Slide!

(CBS News) Some people will go to any lengths (or heights, 12-feet to be exact) to have fun, Clint Walker and Clive Dixon are two of those people. The skateboarders and adrenaline fiends built the biggest Slip 'N Slide ever, at 12-feet tall. And if that wasn't enough, they have it come down off of a house and into a massive loop. See? Crazy! Check out what happens when they actually try to ride the thing in the video above.

In order to get enough speed to make it around the loop, they attached a rope to the back of a truck to help pull riders (again, crazy! But also kind of fun). Walker and Dixon released this video stunt to help raise money on Kickstarter for The Fully Torqued RV Tour, a "web-series inspiring you to be awesome." I'd say they're off to a pretty promising start -- but I hope they get some helmets.