Take a breather with some super slow-motion videos

(CBS News) I know your blogger here could use a moment of calm from a very busy and stressful week. And if you could, too, then I've got just the thing for you. Go ahead and take a breather with some super slow-motion goodness starting with - wait for it - a flamethrower. Yeah, that's right.

The extreme example of slow-motion-in-action was posted by The Slow Mo Guys, one of our favorites here at The Feed, and who write about this rather hot new project of theirs:

In this exceptionally dangerous video, Gav and Dan up the game when it comes to slow mo flying liquids with... on fire slow mo flying liquids. Filmed at 2500fps with a Phantom Flex. Best served in 1080p HD.

Another excellent piece of work from The Slow Mo Guys, that has earned them a triple-rainbow salute of hotness from us here at The Feed (though do not ever try to emulate this endeavor)! And to up the fun factor, Conan O'Brien recently decided to try his hand at some holiday slow-motion hijinks on "Conan" that went smashingly-well. Watch and see what happens below.