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"Taco loco?": Tacos demanded at swordpoint, affidavit says

SAN ANTONIO - A San Antonio man seemed to really want some tacos...

An affidavit says 28-year-old Adam Kramer ordering several tacos at a Mexican restaurant, pulled out a sword and refused to pay.

The fine print further says he started sliding the sword out of its sheath, and threatened a waitress.

The alleged incident happened Dec. 2.

But authorities say Kramer ultimately walked out of the restaurant - without the tacos - and headed to his truck, all the while yelling either he'd get free tacos or somebody would die.

Maybe he hadn't quite thought things through?

Investigators say the waitress locked the door after Kramer drove away.

He was arrested the next day, with bond set at $50,000.

As of Tuesday, Dec. 10, Bexar County jail records did not show Kramer still in custody after his alleged taco tempest.

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