Why telling stories matters

60 Minutes producer Nicole Young gives a candid TEDx talk about what motivated her to tell the story of Syrian war refugees

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This past June, 60 Minutes producer Nicole Young returned from Jordan, where she and correspondent Scott Pelley reported on the plight of thousands of Syrian war refugees -- many of them children -- who fled Syria and traveled hundreds of miles, some on foot, through the desert. Their destination: the border crossing into Jordan.

Soon after that assignment, Young gave an account of that trip to a TEDxHousesofParliament audience, and also told them about an earlier assignment reporting about homeless families in central Florida.

What do the two stories have in common? As Young says in her TEDx talk: "We try and find the stories within all this chaos because we realize that the mission of a journalist is to look under the rock, is to find where there are people who are not being heard," Young says. "As a journalist, I try to find a way to give people that voice -- it's a mission that we all have."

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