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Swedish man paid friend to serve his jail sentence

STOCKHOLM Authorities believe that a 37-year-old convict paid a friend to serve out his sentence while he evaded police.

Prison officials say the identity of the false convict was discovered after serving about two-thirds of his convict friend's sentence. A police officer realized there was a switch when he was sent to interrogate the real convict and realized the person who showed up was not who he said he was, according to Swedish newspaper The Local.

It was not clear if the friend would be punished for misleading prison authorities, but he was let out of jail once they determined his identity.

The original convict was sentenced to one year in jail in 2008 for multiple charges including copyright infringement, breaking Swedish medical laws and handling smuggled goods, The Local reported.

Authorities told The Local that two managed to get a driver's license with the friend's photo but the convict's name. The convict also had a new passport made at the consulate in Amsterdam, and they believe he is now living in the Philippines.

Elisabeth Lager of Sweden's Prison and Probation Service said Friday that an international arrest warrant was issued for the real convict earlier this year.

Swedish media reports the convict had paid his friend for his "prison-sitting" service. Lager declined to name either man.

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