Sweat Lodge Victim's Family: Guru James Arthur Ray Lied to Us

NEW YORK (CBS) New age guru James Arthur Ray repeatedly lied to the family of sweat lodge victim Kirby Brown since their daughter passed away the night dozens fell ill at a sweat lodge ceremony in Sedona, Ariz., according to a Monday night interview on CNN's Larry King Live.

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On Oct. 8, Ray took more than 50 participants into a small sweat lodge at the Angel Valley Retreat Center about two hours north of Phoenix. Three people were eventually sent home in body bags and more than a dozen were hospitalized. It's still not clear why and authorities are investigating the deaths as homicides.

Kirby Brown, 38, was one of three who did not survive. Five days after the tragedy, Ray called Brown's mother, Virginia Brown, to express his condolences, she told King.

And that, she says, is where the dishonesties began.

"He asked me, 'What can I do?' and I said, 'You can cooperate with the authorities.' And he insisted that he had. He said, 'Oh I have,'" the grieving mother said in the interview.

But Ray hadn't been cooperating, authorities told Virginia Brown, who told King she has been in close contact with the Yavapai County Sheriff's Department. It's been two weeks since the deaths, and Ray has still not given authorities a statement.

Photo: James Arthur Ray.

"They've said they want a statement from him, but he hasn't really made one yet," Jean Brown, the victim's sister told King.

Ray left the state shortly after the incident and has been continuing to hold speaking events.

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