SWAT team with tank pursues Detroit gunman, said to be at a dialysis appointment

CBS Detroit
(CBS) DETROIT - When Detroit police showed up with a tank at a home where they believed a gunman was barricaded, they were surprised to discover not only that the suspect wasn't there - but that he was likely somewhere receiving dialysis.

Do you just wait until he gets back?

"Yes, we are checking our leads, and some of them are ... checking local hospitals to see if this individual has shown up,"  Detroit Police Lieutenant Alvin Barren told CBS Detroit.

Lt. Barren said after a victim was discovered shot four times Sunday morning, it was believed the shooter was holed up inside a home near Warren Street, separate from the initial crime scene.

Authorities weren't taking any chances and brought in the SWAT team and their police tank to bust inside, CBS Detroit reported.

"Due to the nature and the violence of the situation it is safer to bring in the experts - which would be our special response team," said Lt. Barren.

But after raiding the home police discovered nothing - and new information then led them to believe the suspect had never been at the home - and was actually at a dialysis appointment.

He still hasn't been found.

As for the shooting victim, police told CBS Detroit he is expected to recover.

It's not certain whether police will recover from their embarrassment.