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Swastika Painted at Congressman's Office

A swastika was spray-painted on a sign in front of Rep. David Scott's office early this morning, the Atlanta-Journal Constitution reports.

The graffiti, which was discovered by an aide in the early morning, was placed directly over Scott's name. It included racial slurs and read, "Death to all Marxists! Foreign and domestic!"

The Democratic Georgia congressman, who is black, suggested that the swastika did not come from any of his constituents. He said he has received racist mail in recent days and is working with local and national law enforcement.

"That was a strong message to be sent," Scott told the newspaper. "We all have to be very careful. This is a warning sign."

Smyrna Police Det. C. McDuffie told the Atlanta-Journal Constitution that the act will most likely be treated as a hate crime.

"We can't let racism and hate win," he said.