Susan Finkelstein Pics: Did She Really Offer Sex for World Series Tickets?

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NEW YORK (CBS) As the lawyer of Phillies fan Susan Finkelstein denies allegations that she offered an undercover police officer sex for World Series tickets, new pictures on Facebook have surfaced that appear to show a happy and somewhat reserved woman whose online image is greatly at odds with the portrayal by Pennsylvania police.

PICTURES: Sex For Series

Finkelstein made headlines Tuesday when she was arrested after using Craigslist to find someone willing to give her World Series tickets, allegedly in exchange for sex.

An undercover officer in the Philadelphia suburb of Bensalem responded to the ad and claims he met with the 43-year-old woman at a bar. The officer said Finkelstein offered to perform various sex acts with him and his brother, who the cop claimed also had an extra seat.

But Finkelstein's lawyer, William Brennan, says his client did nothing wrong and feels police went over the line in pursuing her.

"I know the cops need to police the Internet for Craigslist, but going after a 44-year-old married lady trying to get to World Series tickets, that's way over the top," he told Crimesider Wednesday in a phone interview.

Brennan also vouches for Finkelstein's bona fides as a true Phillies fan.

"I am kind of a Phillies fan, but I could not name the 1980 starting lineup, but she can. She is for real," he said.

PICTURES: Sex For Series
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