Susan Boyle Wows Judges Again

Susan Boyle
FILE - In this Thursday April 16, 2009 file photo Susan Boyle, whose performance on the television show "Britain's Got Talent" wowed the judges, poses singing with a hairbrush at her home in Blackburn, Scotland.
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She may be the world's most unlikely celebrity, but Susan Boyle seems to relish the role. Tonight was her second appearance on Britain's most popular TV talent show. CBS News correspondent Elizabeth Palmer has the results:

Her start was a little shaky, but Susan Boyle soon hit her stride singing "Memory" from the musical "Cats." She was clearly the people's favorite in the semifinals of the reality show Britain's Got Talent.

The competition ranged from the glamorous - violinist Su Son - to the bizarre - novelty act Darth Jackson that combines, you guessed it, Darth Vader and other "Star Wars" characters with the music of Michael Jackson.

But the result surprised no one: Susan Boyle again came out on top.

Six weeks ago, no one had heard of Susan Boyle.

Then a promise to her dying mother, led her onstage as a contestant on "Britain's Got Talent." Before she opened her mouth, she was just a frumpy Scottish lady.

Then suddenly she was a sensation - and that's putting it mildly....

Boyle has since attracted 60 million YouTube clicks.

As the youngest of nine children, who battled learning difficulties and never married, Susan Boyle has become - to her fans - walking, talking proof that anything's possible.

The sudden super-stardom fazed her a little at the outset. But Her friends say it hasn't gone to her head.

"Don't think you'll ever change Susan," one said.

In fact - it was a changed Susan we saw tonight. At least on the surface, with new hair, makeup and sequins. But underneath there was the same old down-to-earth lady from Scotland.

"I enjoyed every second, and I'd do it again," she told the judges.

She will do it again - next Saturday night for the grand finale and what Susan says is her dream - a chance to perform for the queen.

  • Elizabeth Palmer
    Elizabeth Palmer

    Elizabeth Palmer has been a CBS News correspondent since August 2000. She has been based in London since late 2003, after having been based in Moscow (2000-03). Palmer reports primarily for the "CBS Evening News."