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Survivors Dish The Dirt

Viewers would be wrong to think they've seen everything in episodes of Survivor: The Amazon, because, this Thursday, fans will be able to view some things that haven't made it to television – until now.

In exclusive interviews, castoff castaways reflect on their time in competition, and maybe give a little dirt on contestants still playing.

Also, in a Survivor tradition, the castaways bid on food. But when letters from home are thrown into the auction, emotions run high and a fierce bidding war breaks out, leading some to exuberance and others to tears. Plus, good news from home makes one survivor giddy with excitement and leads to a morale boost.

The alliance of Alex, Rob, Jenna and Heidi is confident each member will go a little further into the competition. However, others are scrambling to save themselves from being voted off.

And what would a Survivor game be like without some backstabbing? A survivor promises to vote against a trusted ally, sending the wounded friend into a flutter.

Tune in to Survivor: The Amazon on Thursday at 8 p.m. to see the game where contestants try to outwit, outplay and outlast their competitors to win a million dollars.

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