Race division has always been a hot button topic and may always be.  The decision to divide the tribes on "Survivor" by race is a HUGE risk, but it may very well pay off. 

The ratings for the past couple seasons have been lower than usual and this may just be the thing to get people to watch again.  It's already causing a lot of buzz among the media, and just about all the other previous Survivors. 

Many are surprised and somewhat appalled by the decision.  I say go for it, it's risky, it's ballsy, but that's what "Survivor" is.  I feel that it's going to be just like any other "Survivor" and the race division is really going to play very little into it. 

Jeff Probst said in an interview that they got rid of all the racist people applying in casting, so this is just a racially diverse group separated into tribes.  I think it will get the "Survivor" motor running again, but it won't be the only focus of the show.