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'Survivor' Sunbathes Nude

In a possible tribute to original "Survivor" champion Richard Hatch, one of the contestants does some nude sunbathing tonight.

The producers also say one contestant's fear of handling live pigs will result in snorts from the other team.

Some 19.2 million people watched last week's "Survivor," making it the fifth-ranked show in the nation.

"Survivor" pundit Greg Feltes predicts that Julia will be booted off the island this week. He bases this on a preview on the official "Survivor" Web site that says one castaway is heavily conflicted heading into Tribal Council. "No one on Yasur would feel conflicted about voting Rory out. However, there is a good probability that someone at Lopevi like John K. could flirt with idea of teaming with the women to force a tie," says Feltes.

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He says Scout is still the contestant to beat.

Last week, the Vanuatu Survivors survived an earthquake, underwater contests and a tribe shake-up that redistributed the contestants and ended the gender split between the two groups.

After Travis "Bubba" Sampson was caught sending signals to his former tribe mates during the immunity challenge, his new tribe decided he wasn't a team player and voted him out.

The loser of tonight's episode will be interviewed on Friday's The Early Show.

Unaired insider video and a "Survivor" fantasy league are featured on the official "Survivor" Web site.
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