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"Survivor: South Pacific" yields another bone-headed move

Coach asks for guidance on "Survivor: South Pacific" CBS Photo

(CBS) Oops. Add another bone-headed move to the annals of "Survivor."

To make matters worse, it wasn't even an original boo-boo, meaning Brandon Hantz should have known better. But perhaps he wasn't a fan of "Survivor" until his evil uncle Russell Hantz made his appearance there. (SPOILER ALERT)

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Just as Erik Reichenbach did in 2008's "Survivor: Micronesia," Brandon won individual immunity and then gave his immunity necklace to someone else (Albert, in this case) at Tribal Council, only to be voted out in the balloting that followed.

What was he thinking? He eerily foretold the outcome in council discussions, telling host Jeff Probst that in his gang days, his loyalty often was used against him and he would be left standing alone against a group of rival gang members.

Surprise, Brandon. It's happened again, only this time he faces the fearsome Ozzy at a Redemption Island duel. Whoever wins that duel in Sunday's two-hour finale will be back in the game, vying for the million-dollar prize with Coach, Sophie, Albert and Rick.

Speaking of Albert, do you think he had any idea Brandon's head was on the chopping block? How will his decision to keep the necklace sit with the jury and affect his game?

Discuss in the comments below, take our poll on who will win, watch Sunday's finale and return here for more commentary.

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