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"Survivor:" Sends Another Nice Girl Home

Amanda, the 24-year-old hiking guide from Kalispell, Montana, was the latest castaway voted off and proved that nice girls do finish last on Thursday night's episode of "Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains."

After winning the reward challenge that consisted of a giant game of shuffle board, Amanda, Colby, and Danielle were sent to the Robert Louis Stevenson home for a private screening of "Treasure Island" and a night to sleep in a real bed.

Convinced that there had to be a hidden immunity clue in the house, Amanda immediately started to frantically search for the clue.

But it was villain Danielle that found the idol clue first in her bowl of popcorn. She discreetly dropped it at the side of the bed, but Amanda caught on and snatched it up as soon as she could. The two battled it out while Colby was still lounging on the bed and enjoying the movie.

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Amanda eventually returned the clue back to Danielle after a few minutes of mild catfight and said she felt like an idiot since that was her last chance to save herself.

When the three returned to camp, Danielle shared the clue with the rest of her team. Russell, being the true villain he is, immediately hid the clue from his team right when he found it.

"I'm the king of hidden immunity idols," he said.

During the immunity challenge, the contestants were each given 150 wooden tiles and were asked to build them up like a house of cards. The first person to reach 10 feet would win immunity. The challenge came down to Russell and Jeri. Winning by just a few seconds over, Jeri wins her first ever immunity challenge.

Going into the tribal council, votes from the Heroes team were split between Russell and Parvati. But, Russell quickly reeled Candice in from the Heroes' side by showing her his immunity idol. This was enough for her to jump ship and vote against her own teammate Amanda.

Sandra had to follow suit, and was forced to vote for Amanda since she didn't want her team to know that she secretly was teaming up with the Heroes. She initially devised a plan with Rupert for all the heroes to vote for Russell. Their votes combined with hers would be enough for him to be voted off.

"I need to get Russell out. The guy is a piece of garbage," she said.

Still unsure about the potential votes against him, Russell used his immunity for himself at the tribal council. All the other votes were split between Amanda and Parvati. Parvait had 3 votes and Amanda had 5, which was enough to send her home.

Next week, we'll see the Villains alliance on verge of breaking as Parvati and Russell continue to fight for immunity idols.