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"Survivor: Samoa" Down To Final Six

Oilman Russell continues to plot strategy in a "Survivor" episode that saw two eliminations Thursday night, leaving the once-decimated Foa Foa tribe with more members than the once-powerful Galu.

Dave, spared elimination last week over Shambo's objections, was sent packing this week after a bowling immunity challenge that Jaison won.

After Dave left, Monica tried to stir the waters a bit, getting Russell to think - or at least appear to think - about voting off some of his allies. In the end, though, it was Monica who was shown the door, although with compliments from Russell about her strategizing skills ringing in her ears.

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Russell continues the cocky behavior that appears to have alienated him from some viewers by wearing the immunity idol - the third he has found - around his neck at tribal council, perhaps as a challenge to those considering a vote against him. In the end, he did not play it, though he insisted before the council that he would do just that if he had even the slightest doubt about how the vote would turn out.

The biggest surprise of the night was Brett, who won the second immunity challenge, requiring contestants to retrieve three bags from the water and launch them via springboard into an overhead basket.

Not only that, but Brett also spoke more in this episode than perhaps in his entire time in the game and he actually began to share strategy with his tribe mates.

Is he a contender? We will see next week.

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