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"Survivor: Redemption Island" goes into fast forward

Former federal agent Philip wears the feather fate sent him. CBS

(CBS) Viewers who invested an hour of viewing time for "Survivor: Redemption Island" on Wednesday night got two for the price of one.

There were two challenges, two Tribal Councils and two eliminations in the one episode. Read on to see who is joining Matt on the increasingly crowded Redemption Island. (SPOILER ALERT)

Pictures: "Survivor: Redemption Island"

In the first 30 minutes, the castaways engaged in a three-part immunity challenge, ending with a block puzzle. Grant won immunity and Mike was subsequently sent packing. Then comes a whole new challenge leading up to the second elimination.

The second challenge is an endurance test. Tribe mates must hang from a bar as long as they can; after 20 minutes, they have to hang by legs only. In a nice twist, they are given the option of sitting out and eating burgers. Philip and Grant, neither of whom had much chance of winning the challenge, chose the burgers. Andrea wins and David is voted off.

Even with so much packed into an hour, there still was time for a lot of humor from Boston Rob, who is controlling the game the way Russell only dreamed about, from chicken farmer Ralph, who tries to strategize in the most ham-handed way possible and, finally, from former federal agent Philip.

In the first half, Philip arrives at Tribal Council wearing a feather that he says fate sent him and spouting nonsense about ancestors appearing to him in a dream. In the second, he reveals all the details of what he claims to be his secret alliance (not any more, Philip).

We must wait until next week to see what will transpire over at Redemption Island. With three challengers, there obviously will be no one-on-one duels. Just how will the show determine who gets to rejoin the game? And just when will that happen?

Tell us what you think in our comments and take our poll on who is most likely to win this game.

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