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"Survivor: Philippines" loses another Matsing member

"Survivor: Philippines" viewers are getting to know the Matsing team really well. The other two tribes? Not so much.

That's because Matsing yet again has lost a three-way challenge and must vote off another tribe member.

Three weeks in, and their team is half the size of Tangdang and Kalabaw. (Spoiler alert)

The challenge this time involves diving to retrieve puzzle pieces and putting the puzzle together. The reward is deluxe fishing gear for the first-place winners and a more moderate outfit for the second-place winner. (The nice thing about three tribes is the prize for the runners-up.)

Angie and game veteran Russell demonstrate no competence in diving, leaving Malcolm and Denise to struggle with the challenge. Was anyone surprised that the tribal council decision came down to a choice between these two?

Some, however, may have been surprised at the decision to toss Angie overboard. After all, tribe members have been talking about getting rid of Russell since Day One and now he is past the halfway point in eliminations.

At Tangdang this week, we see more of the same - Abi acting crazy and Skupin getting hurt. This time, he cut his face on broken glass in the challenge. Evacuated from "Survivor: The Outback" after he burned his hands in the fire, the accident-prone Michael Skupin has been shedding blood freely this season with an assortment of minor injuries.

At Kalabaw, which has scorpions in the camp, the focus is on veteran Jonathan Penner, who had been consumed with his search for the immunity idol. He found it during the last episode atop the rice chest , but now his suspicious tribemates have noticed the emblem on the rice chest is gone and have done the math.

Now, they are trying to figure out how to blindside a guy with an idol so he doesn't use it. Will they succeed? What will happen to Skupin next? And will Matsing ever win a challenge?

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