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"Survivor: Philippines" ends with a cliffhanger

The most exciting thing about Wednesday's episode of "Survivor: Philippines" was the coming attractions.

Yet again, Matsing lost the reward/immunity challenge. Yet again, members of Russell Swan's tribe jockeyed for position before heading off to their fourth Tribal Council in four weeks. (Spoiler Alert)

But what was truly exciting was the hint of a serious medical emergency next week that host Jeff Probst promises will change the game. We see Probst visiting Jonathan Penner's Kalabaw tribe. "Survivor" fans know it is never a good sign when the host makes a rare visit to camp.

But before we got to that cliff-hanger ending, we had to watch as Russell, Denise and Malcolm - all that is left of the six-member Matsing tribe - lose the pot hauling and smashing challenge and Russell lose his cool.

After smashing another pot, Russell launched into a meltdown that was half prayer and half pity grab, doing nothing to endear himself to his tribemates. But we expect this didn't make any difference to Denise and Malcolm. Their alliance was so tight that Russell's Swan song was a foregone conclusion.

As expected, Russell Swan became the fourth person voted out of the game.

As for the other tribes, we see Abi and RC squabbling again, destroying what was left of their fragile alliance, and Pete stirring the pot by planting the immunity idol clue among RC's things for the others in Tandang to find.

In Kalabaw, Penner and former baseball star Jeff Kent form an alliance that serves to divide the tribe along gender lines - with Carter seeking to align with them and the three women forming an alliance of their own.

What will happen next week? (See preview below) Who will be the next to go? Take our poll, sound off in the comments and return here next week for more commentary.