"Survivor: One World" women turn on one another

Kat Edorsson, Kim Spradlin, Christina Cha, Greg Smith, Chelsea Meissner, Sabrina Thomson and Alicia Rose of the Tikiano tribe during the immunity challenge on "Survivor: One World," May 2, 2012.

(CBS News) With one male still remaining in the tribe, the women of "Survivor: One World," who had been controlling most of the game, turned on one another in a blindside that will go down in "Survivor" history. (SPOILER ALERT)

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Kat, the 22-year-old timeshare rep from Florida, was eliminated from the game, just minutes after she grinned and told host Jeff Probst that blindsides were exciting.

She left in tears after her torch was snuffed out, and cried through her final statement, saying she was embarrassed by her ouster.

Kat was in trouble ever since the last Tribal Council, when the ousted Troyzan cast suspicion on her loyalty when he stopped to whisper in her ear before having his torch snuffle. She made things worse when she won the coveted reward challenge that allowed castaways to spend time with their loved ones from home.

She was allowed to choose two others for the treat and did not choose strategically, taking friends Kim and Alicia - and their loved ones - rather than trying to forge alliances with some of the others. Sabrina was particularly critical, believing she should have taken Tarzan (because of his age and his 30-year marriage) and Christina (because her father had just undergone transplant surgery) instead. She called Kat childish and selfish.

Kat lived up to this billing when she came close to winning the immunity challenge, losing out to Kim after an hour of being perched on a ledge over water, holding on to a tow bar behind her. Sulking, she refused Kim's offer of a high five back at camp and complained that she was sore from the challenge.

The women had already decided that Tarzan posed no threat and could be allowed to stay on a bit longer. The talk now centered on whether to eliminate the selfish Kat because she did not deserve to be in the final three or the intelligent and persuasive Sabrina because she did.

If anyone had doubts, Kat's comments at Tribal Council seemed to decide things. There was much eye-rolling and exchanges of glances as the young woman, oblivious to it all, spoke out about blindsides.

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