"Survivor: One World": What happened to the pig?

"Never Say Die" -- Kat Edorsson, during the immunity challenge, "Slip Sliding Away" during the eleventh episode of SURVIVOR: ONE WORLD, Wednesday, April 25 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: CBS
Kat Edorsson takes on the immunity challenge on "Survivor: One World," airing April 25, 2012.

(CBS News) As the women continued to hammer away at the men on "Survivor: One World," a wild pig apparently escapes unscathed.

Despite dreams of bacon and pork dinners, the castaways were a little ham-handed in the way they chased the pig around the beach with lassos. Would they really have butchered the animal, had they caught it? No one looks that capable - or that hungry. (SPOILER ALERT)

Pictures: "Survivor: One World"

We never get to know, because the camera cuts away and never returns to the pig. Instead, we see Kim win two challenges, Troyzan try to break up the women's alliance by messing with Kat's head, and the women voting out Troyzan, as planned, at Tribal Council.

When Kim wins the reward challenge and takes Alicia and Chelsea on a picnic, Troyzan tries to create a rift among the women by telling Kat that the final three were the ones taken on the reward.

Clearly disappointed by not being chosen by Kim for the reward, Kat nearly has a meltdown. Kim has a good bit of damage control to do when she gets back, especially after she wins the immunity necklace. This all but assures Troyzan's ouster, unless some woman switches sides.

With Tarzan now left as the lone male on the tribe, the focus shifts to the female hierarchy. Who will be in the final three? We know Christina will be the first woman to go, but who will be next? Can anyone left on the tribe stop Kim in her relentless - and frankly, boring - march to the million?

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