"Survivor: One World" makes game history again

Tarzan finally starts playing the game. Was he too late? CBS

(CBS News) For the first time in more than 20 seasons, "Survivor" is heading into the finale Sunday with a all-woman tribe. (SPOILER ALERT)

Pictures: "Survivor: One World"

Tarzan, the 64-year-old Houston surgeon whose real name is Greg Smith, was voted out in Wednesday night's episode of "Survivor: One World" after being spared elimination last week while the women blindsided one of their own. He was the last male left in the game.

For a while, it looked as if he might even repeat that victory this week but then he actually started to play the game. Here's what happened:

When Chelsea won the reward challenge - a night on a yacht with a bed, showers, clean clothes, food and champagne - she told the group she was going to choose her companions wisely, unlike Kat who sealed her fate with her choice of reward companions last week.

Then what does she do? She chose Sabrina, which no one seemed to have a problem with, and Kim, which upset everyone. As Alicia pointed out, it wasn't fair that Kim went on three rewards while some in the tribe (not Alicia, of course) had enjoyed none.

The three left behind (Tarzan, Christina and Alicia) seemed united in their determination to vote out Chelsea. They would need to turn at least one more tribemate to their side or have the vote end in a stalemate. (In the past, stalemates were settled by drawing lots.) They were even willing to try for a tie.

Then, Tarzan, who all season long appeared to have no game plan at all and answered all of host Jeff Probst's questions with the oblique "the game is afoot," suddenly began to strategize. He approached both Kim and Alicia separately about their choices for the final three and promised each to lobby for her when he finally joined the jury.

The two later compared notes and that was the end for poor Tarzan.

Ironically, the plastic surgeon was playing the same game as Kim, promising the same thing to many different people. Kim herself claimed to be worried about her strategy, noting that just one conversation between the wrong people would put a target on her back.

She obviously spends a lot of her time on the beach ensuring that this does not happen. Can she keep it up? Will she win? We'll know Sunday after a two-hour finale, followed by a reunion show.

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