"Survivor: Nicaragua" Forces Dumb and Dumber Moves

The cast of Survivor: Nicaragua. (Monty Brinton/CBS)
Monty Brinton/CBS
The cast of Survivor: Nicaragua. (Monty Brinton/CBS)
Monty Brinton/CBS

NEW YORK (CBS) Marty has been pressing his luck in "Survivor: Nicaragua" and even what appeared to be one of the dumbest moves ever in "Survivor" history proved - at least temporarily - to be to his advantage this week.

It was Jill, not Marty, who was voted out at tribal council.

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After refusing to use his immunity idol last week even though he knew his head was on the chopping block, Marty was faced with another decision this week when Sash asked him to turn over the idol. If he doesn't, Sash says, the rest of the tribe will divide their votes between Marty and Jill; if he does, he will be protected.

How could Marty not see the potential for a blindside after he gives up the idol? But give it up he does, and you can see how he is having second thoughts at tribal council.

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But it was the audience who was blindsided this time. Even though Sash and Brenda had plotted to vote Marty out after he gave up the idol, they ended up voting for Jill along with Purple Kelly.

Why did Sash keep his word? And what does it mean for the game?

In another stupid move, Sash's slip of the tongue gets tribe mates wondering. Asked by host Jeff Probst if he was willing to give the idol to his closest allies, he started out saying, "If there's a time when I lose trust in them...", then stopped and amended his remarks to say that if his allies lost trust in him, he would have to turn it over or face a target on his back.

Fabio leaped on the slip and started talking about how the subconscious can manifest itself.

And there's another shocker. Who knew that Fabio, the good-natured bubblehead, was a Freudian?