"Survivor" medical evacuations: Who will return?

Age: 29 Current Residence: Austin, Texas Occupation: Motorcycle repair Tribe: Salani
Monty Brinton/CBS
Kourtney Moon, a motorcycle repair from Austin, Texas, never mad eit beyond the first episode of "Survivor: One World."
Monty Brinton/CBS

(CBS News) Three "Survivor" contestants who were airlifted out during the previous 24 seasons will be back to lead three tribes of newcomers when "Survivor" returns in the fall for its 25th season.

Host Jeff Probst did not reveal the identities of the returning players when he gave details of the next game during the "Survivor: One World" reunion show, which followed the two-hour season finale Sunday night.

Bridal shop owner Kim Spradlin of San Antonio, Texas, won the season and will receive a $1 million check on the CBS show "The Talk" Monday afternoon.

The 25th season of the game will take place in the Philippines, where a jungle environment and fierce storms will add to the challenges and discomforts facing the island castaways.

There have been 10 medical evacuations in the 25 seasons and two of those evacuated already have played more than one game.

Louisiana gravedigger James Clement was removed from "Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites," which was his third "Survivor" appearance. In that same season, Jonathan Penner, one of the 10 returning favorites, was airlifted out because of a knee injury.

Two of the remaining eight medical evacuations occurred in "Survivor: One World." Courtney Moon never made it past the first episode, and Colton Cumbie was removed midseason.

Also removed for medical reasons were Mike Skupin of "Survivor: Australian Outback," Bruce Kanegai of "Survivor: Panama," Gary "Papa Smurf" Stritesky of " Survivor: Fiji," Joe Dowdle of "Survivor: Tocantins," and Mike Borassi and Russell Swan of "Survivor: Samoa."