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"Survivor" Heroes Hobbled by Injury

Former fireman Tom Westman, who won the $1 million in "Survivor: Palau," was sent packing Thursday night after his team suffered losses in both the reward and immunity challenges on "Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains."

The choice came down to Westman or James Clement, who suffered a severe sprain in the reward challenge and walked haltingly on a bandaged leg. Tom made a good case for taking James out because he was no longer up to the challenges, but most of the tribe chose to honor their alliances rather than plan for the future.

Survivor Through the Seasons
Photos: "Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains"

JT, who voted with Tom and Colby last week to oust Cirie, agonized a bit over his decision but in the end chose to stick with his allies, knowing that another defection would cost him their trust.

Host Jeff Probst called them out on it at Tribal Council, suggesting that even his niece could outrun James at the moment, and both Tom and James made impassioned pleas to their tribemates.

On the Villain's side, Russell did what everyone had been waiting for him to do since day one - find the hidden immunity idol. So far, his score over two seasons has been four for four. But will what appears to be a growing alliance with Parvarti undermine his strategy? And is that an all-out war between Russell and Boston Rob that was hinted at in the previews?

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