"Survivor" Heads To China

Survivor: Cook Islands, Jeff Probst
The 15th season of CBS' "Survivor" will be set in China, a spokeswoman for the show confirms to The ShowBuzz.

According to Variety, it marks the first time a U.S. network has filmed an entire series in that country.

China will also be a change of scenery for the show, which has taken place in an island setting the last three seasons. It's currently set in Fiji.

Over the years, "Survivor" has been set in Borneo, Africa, the Australian Outback, Thailand, the Amazon, the South Pacific, Cook Islands, Palau, and three times in the Pearl Islands near Panama.

The season finale of "Survivor: Fiji" airs Sunday, May 13. But, reality fans can look forward to the premiere of "Pirate Master" May 31 on CBS.

The show, from "Survivor" executive producer Mark Burnett, will send 16 contestants to the Caribbean island of Dominica where they will live for 33 days like real life buccaneers on a pirate ship.

Dressed in period costume, the pirates will assume the roles of captain, officers and crew members. Each week, the pirates will search for buried treasure of real gold coins. Echoing "Survivor," each episode will end with a Pirate's Court where one pirate will be set adrift for good.