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"Survivor" Ethan Zohn Stands Up to Cancer

A new report from the American Cancer Society finds that cancer costs more in lost lives and productivity than AIDS, tuberculosis, and other deadly diseases.

One group that's trying to do something about that is Stand Up 2 Cancer, a grassroots movement raising funds to support dream teams of scientists. Among those now raising funds and awareness through the organization is Ethan Zohn, winner of "Survivor: Africa."

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Zohn, who recently battled Hodgkin's lymphoma, appeared on "The Early Show" Tuesday with hair. The last time he appeared on the broadcast last November, his head was shaved in preparation for radiation treatments. Since then, he's received a stem cell transplant.

"Stem cell transplants are like pressing the reset button on your body," he explained. "I was in isolation for close to a month. But science is amazing, cancer research is unbelievable, and I'm here because of it."

And now "Survivor" has joined the Stand Up 2 Cancer, which will raise money for cancer research, as well as raise cancer awareness.

Also appearing on the broadcast was colon cancer survivor Marge Lees, who says the Stand Up 2 Cancer initiative saved her life. Lees said after she watched a special CBS broadcast with CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric, she decided to have her first routine colonoscopy and she was diagnosed with colon cancer.

Both Zohn and Lees to talk about what they've been doing to further the Stand Up 2 Cancer cause, click on the video below.