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Survivor: Cook Islands

So it's the clip show episode of "Survivor." This is where they basically show highlights from the season and new footage that didn't make it into the show. No one gets voted off, so no real drama.

They revisit Cao Boi's method of headache removal and Hiki's lack of leadership. Hiki is the African-American tribe, in case you forgot. They also show a scene from Hiki that sheds some light on their failure with water challenges. It looked like they have never been on a boat before in their life!

We also see clips of Candice and Adam having to swim back in some rough current after their boat over turned. It was obviously early in the game because Candice's makeup is running! But it shows a slight bond that we have been suspecting between those two.

And, of course, we see the embarrassing clip of Billy spilling his guts about his love for Candice. We are beating a dead horse, people.

Let's move on.

We see tons more of Parvarti working her girly groove thing. It looks like she has got the guys under her spell. I say work it girl.

It's good to know Stephannie had fun before she was booted. They show her just a little tipsy off of a few sips of wine after a challenge. Might as well get wasted before you get the boot, girl.

Adam seemed to pick on Cristina WAY more than we have previously seen. This guy is looking like a major bully.

That's about it for the clip show. Looks like its going to get real good! Next week is back to a new episode. I will still be doing "Survivor Live" with Dalton today. It's going to be a fun Halloween show!