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Survivor: Cook Islands

It's Survivor time again.

We start off with Cristina really being hurt after they get back from tribal council. It was a real big surprise to hear that her tribe thinks she's annoying. Adam does a good job rubbing it back in at camp, nice one.

Cao Boi is still annoying his Aitu tribe by wanting to take the immunity idol to every challenge. I understand what he means by wanting to take it for good luck but this guy needs to turn down the volume. Let's hope he does it before they toss him.

The challenge is a blessing and a curse. The bad news is both teams go to tribal council no matter who wins. I hate when they do this because it really takes something away from wanting to win if you're comfortable with your tribe. The good news is the winning tribe goes to tribal council first, votes someone out, then moves over to the jury to watch the other tribe vote someone out and feast on lamb, etc.

Let's get to the challenge because it's awesome!! Each tribe picks three people; those three people get their own post which they must hang onto. Two members of the opposing tribe will then do anything possible (minus choking and hair pulling) to get them off their pole and drag them across the sand over their finish line. The first team to get all three opposing tribe members over their finish line wins. This challenge is purely physical and Aitu needs to sit someone out so they sit out Cao Boi.

I'll tell you what: this challenge was great, but very physical. I got tired just watching them. Parvarti and Rebecca really go hard at Candice but she puts up the best fight of anyone in the challenge. They really have to drag her almost face first in the sand. It's a full on wrestling match with everyone. Jessica chokes Cristina which sends her into an angry headlock back on Jessica.

When push comes to shove, literally Aitu ends up winning AGAIN. That team is unstoppable.

Back at Raro, Cristina is fighting for her life telling everyone to give her another chance. If they do it would be Jenny who would go home. Anything could happen but it seems as on now Cristina is toast!

Cao Boi has hatched a mighty plan on his tribe to try and expose the hidden immunity idol thinking Jonathon has it. He just may be digging his own grave deeper and deeper.

Double tribal council time. Cao Boi brings the idol to tribal council and goes on about his plan to expose "the queen" or the hidden immunity idol. It ends up that Cao Boi ends up being voted out and the tribe almost looks relieved. I'm not though because he was at least interesting to watch.

Okay, while Aitu feasts it Raros turn to boot someone. Adam fesses up that Candice probably put the other team so far ahead it was to hard to catch up. It looks like Candice mouths an "I love you" to Adam and he gives her a smile right back. I am starting to think if the white tribe meets back up at a merge they may all bond back together again and be a force.

But wait there is a twist Aitu gets to kidnap a Raro tribe member who will be immune from getting voted off tonight, get to eat, and be part of their tribe until the next challenge. Wow that's a big decision. They choose Nate to save. Probably because he's so strong it will weaken the tribe severely.

After that mini drama Raro ends up voting out Cristina. No surprise there.

Wow, what a great episode!
Friday, Oct. 20, 2006

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