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Survivor: Cook Islands

Jonathan is feeling the wrath of jumping ship on his old tribe. He feels very left out and he should. Candice on the other hand is nestled in Adam's arms and I can pretty much bet he is talking her up to his own tribemates.

I hope the other tribemates realize this Candice-Adam thing is trouble, because it is. Get rid of one of them soon. And because the snuggly crap between them is really grossing me out.

On Aitu, it's the usual: tribe love and Ozzy fishing. I hope they kick the other team's butt for the rest of the show.

Reward challenge time. Go Aitu. Two tribe members race to a marked location and use their compasses to find a chest. They then come back and let two more tribe members do the same. Once all are done, there will be seven wooden flags in them and they match the flags with their proper letter to spell victory. The winners go to a local feast and exile someone.

Jonathon and Becky make some serious enemies by their lack of digging and motivation. And Aitu wins again and exiles Candice again! Ha! I love it.

The reward proves to bond Aitu even more while Jonathan continues to try to win people over on his tribe by working excessively.

Immunity challenge is a fun one. Each member will swim out and dive down to unclip a bundle of local island names. Then they must correctly identify island names. The winner gets immunity and the losers go to tribal council and get the mystery bottle. Hmmm, what's in that bottle? Ozzy and Yul really put their swimming skills to use and they win their fourth challenge in a row. Love it!

Raro ponders what's in the bottle. Everyone thinks it a merge letter. But I don't think that's the case this early.

Tribal council is an interrogation to the members about how they are all fitting with Jonathon and Candice. Jonathan makes it clear again that he has been fishing his butt off.

The votes are read and Rebecca is voted off.

But wait — the bottle is cracked open and it says the tribe must vote out another member right now, without even talking.

The second person kicked off is Jenny! What are these people thinking? Jenny was loyal, Jonathan is not. Geez!