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Survivor: Cook Islands

We start with the boys of the Raro tribe up early and attempting to brush their teeth.

They want to show the girls that they really need them so they don't vote them off, and they are in full-on work mode — fishing, cleaning, etc. Time will tell if that strategy works.

And just a question: They showed the women sleeping in, while the men were up working … how are these people able to sleep? If it's that comfortable in the shelter, then they need to take something away. "Survivor" should be uncomfortable all the time!

Reward challenge this time is for food. Well, kinda. It's for spices, wine and fishing supplies. And, as usual, the winning tribe will exile someone.

The challenge is for each tribe to pick three pairs, and each pair will have to stand on a platform while each person holds onto a hook with one arm. In timed increments, five pounds will be added to the hooks. Last pair standing wins! So basically hold on for dear life. Playing for Aitu is Jonathan and Yul, Sundra and Candice, and Ozzy and Jessica.

For Raro it's Nate and Adam, Cristina and Brad, Rebecca and Stephannie. The contestants left out will be adding the weights. Keep in mind that the people adding the weights get to pick who they give the weight to.

It's clear that both teams are trying to load up the weight on the guys first to try and knock them out. Aitu is loading all the weight on the guys but Raro is distributing the weight all around. The boys have 30 pounds each on their shoulders and it's looking real tough for them. Yul is the first one to let go so he and Jonathan are the first ones out. Raro losses Rebecca and Stephannie. Sundra and Candice are next out, leaving Ozzy and Jessica as the only team left to win for their tribe. Jessica talks a lot of smack to the other team, but in the end can't back it up and Raro wins! They chose to send Jonathan back to exile.

At Raro, Cristina seems to be the odd man out this week. She spills the octopus they just caught and it seems she may be sealing the same fate as JP.

Ozzy, Cao Boi, and Jessica decide to take a field trip to another island, to look for more food. It's obvious that they are on the outside of the rest of the tribe, and Candice, Yul, Jenny and Becky are a solid alliance right now.

During their expedition to the other island, they quickly find out that is Raro's island. They don't get such a welcome and it's a little uncomfortable. And Cao Boi is on his usual rant that seems to annoy Raro even more. And to make matters worse, he asks for some spices that they just won! Geez, this guy is too much.

Immunity challenge time. This is really what is important, not all the other rewards and drama. Today's challenge is a race to put together stepping poles. Two tribe members must use those poles to get to another platform. Then the rest of the tribes must swim out to a tower, first team on top wins! This is tough because, basically, the teams must manually move the poles in front of each other while their teammate walks on them — all while in the water!

Then, after all of that, they want every member on top of the platform or above it. This thing only looks like about four people can stand on top of it, so it's basically a people sandwich up there. The teams are neck and neck during the last heat and Raro blows their lead when all of them fall off of the platform. That gives Aitu the win!

Great challenge. It was intense and you never knew who was going to win. Loved it!

Tribal council isn't very heated, but Nate and the rest of the tribe take it upon themselves to tell Cristina that she is a little bossy and rubs people the wrong way. Surprisingly Stephannie was the one booted off tonight, so I guess they chose to keep someone who annoys them instead of the person who wants to go home. The vote was unanimous for her to leave, by the way.