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Survivor: Cook Islands

OK, people. Here we go! Another "Survivor," and I'm excited about it.

The episode starts with the usual interrogation by Jonathon plotting to get rid of Ozzy next challenge and ramming it into everyone's heads that they need to stick together. Will this guy ever stop?

Meanwhile, he and Candice go talk on their own about how they can't wait to get back together with Adam and Parvarti, so I guess these two aren't so loyal to their tribe after all. Either way, they are both getting on my nerves and need to ease up a bit.

On Raro, it looks like Brad is the odd one out on his tribe, after him sitting out of last week's challenge. He's in trouble if his team loses tonight.

The reward challenge starts off with a twist. Jeff offers all players ten seconds to decide if they want to mutiny and jump to the other tribe. Now any good player would never take this deal. It shows you're a traitor and karma will bite you in the ass. I thought everyone was smart until, in the last few seconds, Candice and Jonathon jump ship! What are these people? Crazy? There are so many reasons that this is wrong that it would take me all day to explain.


The challenge is basically: Stick two girls in a barrel and roll them all over the beach, into the water to get flags, then back onto the beach. Now, of course, I'm cheering for Aitu to win, since they had two tribe members mutiny on them, and I'm pretty sure everyone at home was cheering for Aitu, too. Ozzy and Yul kicked major butt, and they won coffee, sweets, and the best: letters from home.

In your face, traitors!

And, of course: the exile, Candice. Karma, girlfriend!

Aitu takes some time to bond over coffee while Jonathon tries to "make nice" on his new tribe. Nate is not wanting anything to do with him because he was so quick to betray his other tribe. (Um. SO WAS CANDICE, NATE!) Adam talks about how he likes to have Jonathon around because he knows he wants them to go far together.

The immunity challenge has the contestants paddling out in glass-bottom boats and lining up three targets to release buoys. Those will then help them solve a word puzzle. First to solve it wins!

Aitu wins again! Oh, my, how much I love this. I hope they vote off Jonathon.

Tribal council is a rainy one. Jeff gets right to the point, asking about the mutiny. Everyone acts like they are OK with Candice and Jonathon jumping ship, but I'm not buying it.

Tonight, going home is Brad. Silly move on their part. Jonathon is trouble. Don't forget: Brad in on the jury — and I hope he holds a grudge.